गुड़ तिल के लड्डू या तिलकुट

Hi Friends this Dish is very delicious dessert and this is very healthy in winters as we know dishes prepared from Til(sesame seeds) provide heat and energy to the body which are both necessary to beat the cold in January. Ladoo made with Til and Gur(jaggery) mixed together is definitely prepared on Makar Sankranti.  Til gur ladoo is also called Tilkut.

I prepare this on the ocassion of Makar Sankranti specially..I think everyone should make gur til k laddu for their kids or for themselves as this is great source of iron calcium and vitamin D along with these you can take by taking sun bath in winters..

Here is the recipe for you

Ingredients for Tilkut

Til(sesame seeds) – 500 grams/4 cup

Gur(jaggery) – 500 grams

Ghee – 2 tsp

Let’s prepare Tilkut

Clean the sesame seeds properly.

Heat oil in a heavy pan(kadhai) on a medium flame, while stirring continuously roast sesame seeds till they turn light brown (if you crush it with hands seed should turn to powder), if you are using black sesame seeds just check as seed start to crackel roast for 2 min and take away from the flame. Do keep in mind not burn sesame seeds as they tend to burn instantly giving them a bitter taste. Take out the roasted sesame seeds and grind lightly or put it in a mixer and make it a coarse powder.

Break off Gur(jaggery)  into small pieces. Pour 1 spoon Ghee in a pan and heat. Now melt Gur on a low flame, turn off the instant Gur(jaggery)  melts.

Put the crushed roasted sesame seeds in the melted Gur and blend well. Til Gur mixture for making Ladoos is ready.

Apply Ghee with hands and make mixture smooth. Take a little amount(about 1 tbsp) of mixture at a time(mixture has to be hot for making Ladoo, as mixture turns rigid when cold hence, making it difficult to make Ladoos). Make round shaped Ladoo and place it on a plate, similarly make Ladoos of the remaining mixture and place them on  the plate.

Til gur ladoo is ready to eat. Keep the Ladoos prepared in open air for 4-5 hours and when they turn a bit solid store them in an air tight container. You can take Tilkut out of the container whenever you crave for something sweet to eat.

Suggestions: You can also keep aside 1/2 cup sesame seeds, make round ladoos of the mixture and wrap them in the sesame seeds. Shape them with your hands and place them on a plate. White, tempting Ladoos are ready.

Health Benefits:

Sesame seeds are also high in magnesium, manganese, vitamin B1, vitamin E, potassium, protein, fiber and dietary copper, at the same time gur is also rich in vitamins and minerals. … Furthermore, gur is a healthier option to white sugar which contains empty calories.

So you can have it anytime and this is very good for kids.

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