Sarson ka Sag and Makke ki Roti Platter

sarson ka saag

punjabi platter

Hi Friends in winter season we get green fresh leafy vegetables and this is the perfect season to have sarson ka sag and makke ki roti , so in our recipe section i am giving you the recipe of preparing sarson ka sag and makke ki roti complete platter in pure panjabi style..

This is authentic Punjabi platter and in sunny winters when i have this infront of me can’t stop myself without eating.. I need lassi gur and white butter with this..

Ingredients for sarson ka sag

2 bunch fresh leaves of sarson

one onion finely chopped

20 cloves of garlic finely chopped

1tbspn ginger finely chopped

2-3 red chillies

2- black cardamom(badi ilaichi)

1/2 tbspn jeera

1-pinch of mdh hing(i preffer mdh or hathrasi as this give better taste).

1-tbspn pearl millet floor(bajre ka ata) or maize floor(makke ka ata) or gram floor(besan).

Salt to taste and butter for tadka


Wash Sarson leaves and boil in pressure cooker by adding a little salt for five minute. Now remove extra water from green leaves and in a grinder add boiled saag leaves and floor of your choice(if you will add maize floor or pearl millet floor it will give yum taste) and grind them to afine paste , keep aside.

Now take a tempering pan add a half tbsp butter and let it be heat on medium flame , add garlic, ginger,zeera and hing when garlic start to turn golden brown add onion, while onoins will turn golden brown add grinded saag and a little water and salt to taste let it be cooked for five minutes on slow flame.

serve hot by adding a little butter at the top.

Makke ki Roti Recipe


1 bowl of maize floor(makke ka ata) and a 1/4 bowl of whole wheat floor(gehun ka taa),1/4 tbsp salt


Mix all the ingredients and need a smooth dough.

now take a small amount of dough and roll with the help of we hand and you can roll with the help of clean polythene cook it as you cook chapatis’s serve with butter topping..

and add fresh lassi and gud(jaggery) to this platter.


Tip: You can add palak ,bathua and muli as green in this with sarson ka saag.

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