Chuda-Matar(yummy snax in winters)

chuda matar recipe

chuda matar

Hi friends , Chuda matar is a very healthy and yummy snax to have in winters as in winters we get fresh and sweet pees so it makes this recipe more tastier.

You can have this snack in morning breakfast or with evening tea..

Crunchy taste of chuda and sweet and savior taste of peas make this dish awesome..


1 bowl of chuda
1 bowl peeled and washed matar
5-cloves of garlic chopped finely
1/2 tbspn ginger chopped finely
1- green chillie chope finely
salt to taste
and one pinch of asafoetida(hing)
oil for tempering and frying chuda
coriander for garnishing
1/2 tbsp roasted and grinded jeera


Take a pan heat it on high flame add oil so that chuda can be deep fried, when the oil get heated properly add chuda and take out that as chuda is very thin when you add it to hot oil it will get fry immediately now keep fried chuda aside on a thick towel or tissue so that extra oil will be absorbed and remove all oil from pan, we use only oil for tempering which will remain stick to the pan, add ginger and garlic and let them be golden brown, now add green chillies and peas sprinkle salt and hing and cover the lid and let it cooked till peas get soften. When green peas will be soften remove it from gas.

Now add roasted zeera and salt to fried chuda and add it to peas mixture, Garnish with coriander serve immediately and enjoy the taste of crispi chuda and sweet matar(pees).

Hint: You can have roasted chuda for this recipe to make it more healthier.

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