Gulabi Chai(Pink Tea)

laknow ki gulabi chai

Friends Gulabi chai is very healthy and amazing drink…. Tea lovers will feel wow with its taste…

As its name implies its pink color give it a different look and falvour of saffron, kewra and elaichi, and rose give it a great sipping taste.. This creamy beverage is made with same green tea leaves but has a total different look, flavor,taste and consistency..Once i had this beverage in a party and i like its rich creamy taste too much that could not resist myself to ask its recipe with khansama.. and when i prepare it on my own i was really over seventh sky by its taste..will request you try once.. it takes a little time to prepare it but when you will sip it will forget effort you pay for this beverage..

It’s origin is basically from Kashmir and known as Kashmiri chai..

But it is too much famous in kashmir.. as i have heard this comes to lucknow in some Nawab’s marriage as the cook was from Kashmir and for that Dawat kashmiri Chai was pine of food..

For two cups of tea


2 tbspn Green tea

1/2 tbspn baking soda

3 green carrdamoms

1 star anise

2 tbspn julliene Pistachios

2 glass water

2 cups of milk

sugar as desired


Bring the water to boil in a pan, add tea leaves and baking soda, cover and let it simmer for 1 hour.

Add cardamom and star anise, simmer for another 15-20 minutes.

Strain, add 1 cup cold refrigerted water, put on high flame and beat until frothy.

At this stage add milk, pistachios, the colour should turn pink, if not add a little more milk. Bring to boil, add sugar as desired.

Serve hot with your choice of topping i love it with malai. you can add rabri,sev or whatever you like..

This is very healthy and yum in taste.. so i am sure after going thru this post you will definitely try this and serve it to your friends too.. please comment back to let me know if you try this recipe.

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