Matar Ki Kachauri(green pee pastry)

matar ki kachauri

matar ki winter special kachauri

Hi friends in peak winter season Matar ki kachouri is a crisp deep-fried pastry filled with spiced gree peas filling which is prepared in collaboration with green garlic leaves ,ginger,and green chillies and some spices…
In winters, these peas kachori are a nice warm and yummy breakfast or a mid brunch or evening snack. Served hot with some spicy coriander chutney and sweet dates chutney,imli chutney and whatever sauce you want with a cup of ginger tea this is a food lover’s delight.

Ingredient for Matar ki Kachauri:

1 cup all purpose flour , you can also use whole wheat flour or both the flours in half-half ratio i prefer whole wheat flour for this as it is healthy

1 tablespoon oil or ghee, i used ghee

¼ cup warm water

¼ teaspoon salt or add as required

for matar kachauri stuffing

1 cup peas, fresh or frozen(i prefer fresh one)

¼ teaspoon red chili powder(optional)

1 teaspoon green chili-ginger-garlic paste or crushed or minced green chili & ginger – use about ½ inch of ginger and ½ or 1 green chili and 8-10 clove of garlic then crush them in a mortar & pestle.

4-5 green garlic leaves finely chopped(this gives great taste to it if not available you can skip it but personally i never skip this)

¼ teaspoon cumin seeds

¼  teaspoon kalaunji (onion seeds)

1/4 teaspoon ajwain

pinch of hing (asafoetida) (mandatory as matar is a big cause of gastric)

salt as required

For frying

2/3 cup oil

Matar kachauri Recipe

  • Mix the flour, salt , oil and with help of water kneed a soft dough. Cover with a damp cloth and keep aside.

Matar Kachori Stuffing

In a pressure cooker heat a tbspn oil add cumin seed,onion seed,hing when they start to crackle add ginger garlic and chilly paste fry for few seconds now add garlic leaves and peas add salt ass per taste and pressure cook peas till become soft.
*don’t add water while pressure cooking this as peas will be cooked with their own moisture..
*and don’t overcook other wise it will be burn because of less water 5-6 whistle are enough to cook green peas.
* you can add more spices as per your choice like red chilly powder, coriander powder etc.. i don’t prefer these all to enjoy natural taste.
Now when peas are completely cooked let them cool for 5 minute now mash them with a masher to a smooth dough or grind them in mixer in a chutney jar without water..
matar kachauri recipe

making matar kachori

Make equal sized 5-6 balls from the dough. Roll into 3-4 inch round on a dusted board.Add some of the stuffing in the center. 
Bring together all the edges and pinch them. Press the edges downwards below.
Roll into a 4-5 inches kachauri. Prepare all matar kachauris like these. 
Keep them covered with a wet cloth.

frying matar kachori

Now heat oil in a kadai. 
At low to low-medium flame, fry the kachauris till they become golden, flaky and crisp.
Drain them on paper tissues to remove excess oil. 
Serve matar ki kachauri hot with some coriander chutney or tamarind chutney or with hot tea.
Njoy your winter morning or you can have it in evening breakfast..
Tip: if you don’t  like deep fried things you can make paratha, naan,sandwich with same stuffing..
So have a great day with fantastic food..😊


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